A camera is a tool that teaches people how to see without a camera. This perspective from Dorothea Lange is indicative of my work. My research is informed by my photography, and my photography has been influenced by scholarly approaches to visual politics, social semiotics, language and identity.  My photographs have been published in CNNThe GuardianPDN Magazine, the Financial Times. My academic research in peer reviewed journals as well as forthcoming journal and book chapters. I am the Co-founder and Director of Critica Research and Analysis LLC.  

Contact information

  • 2021. Visual Storytelling Award. Editor's Pick. The Independent Photographer
  • 2018. PhD, University of Hong Kong
  • 2017. Documentary Finalist. The Independent Photographer.  
  • 2016. Glasgow/HKU Early Career Award Recipient.   
  • 2015. Louis Cha Postgraduate Research Fellowship.  
  • 2014. World in Focus Finalist. PDN Magazine.

Selected Tearsheets

Essays and commissioned photography

2021. People Across the US join pro-Palestinian Protests. CNN

2019. Proteste in Hongkong – Interview mit Fotograf Aaron Anfinson. Xplicit Asia

2019. Hong Kong's Table Talks By Tammy Ho Lai Ming. World Literature Today

2019. 35 Degrees. Cha:An Asian Literary Journal.

2018. Voice and Verse Magazine. March  

2017. Exhibiting Hong Kong: Rejections. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal.    

2017. Cover Image. Hong Kong Studies Journal. Hong Kong: Chinese University Press.   

2017. Mongolia. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal.  

2017. Goldfish [Digital Image] in ‘Maybe’ by Tammy Ho Lai Ming. berfrois

2017. ‘Blackout showcases talented black performers’ The City Pages

2017. In ’Can We Say Hong Kong?’ by Tammy Ho Lai Ming. the Offing

2017. In ‘Some of the Things I heard about Hong Kong in 2016’ by Tammy Ho Lai Ming. berfrois

2017. 'I feel emancipated': FT's Jamil Anderlini on his move from Beijing to Hong Kong. Financial Times

2016. ‘Hong Kong’s Voice’. Cha: An Asian Literary Journal.  

2015. ‘The Insiders Cultural Guide to Hong Kong’. The Guardian

2014. PDN Magazine. ‘World in Focus Winners’. 

Peer reviewed journal articles and book chapters

Al-Dayel, N., Anfinson, A. & Anfinson, G. (2021). Captivity, Migration, and Power in Libya. Journal of Human Trafficking. 

Anfinson, A. and Al-Dayel, N. (2020). 'Landmines and Improvised Explosive Devices: The Lingering Terror of the Islamic State', Studies in Conflict & Terrorism

Anfinson, A. (2020). 'Hong Kong's Paper Cities: Heterotopia and the Semiotic Landscape of Civil Disobedience.' In Malinowski and Tufi (eds.) (2020) Reterritorializing Linguistic Landscapes. Bloomsbury

Anfinson, A. (2019). "The Treachery of Images: visualising ‘statehood’ as a tactic for the legitimisation of non-state actors. Terrorism and Political Violence.

Al-Dayel, N. and Anfinson, A. (2018). ‘In the Words of the Enemy: the Islamic State’s reflexive projection of Statehood’. Critical Studies on Terrorism. 11 (2): 45-64. 

Conference presentations and speaking engagements

2018. Nottingham Contemporary Art Museum, UK. Movements: Protest, Politics and Activism. 6 July
2018. Bath, UK. The British International Studies Association. 13-15 June.
2017. University of Swansea, UK. Terrorism and Social Media (TASMconf). 27-28 June.
2017. University of Hong Kong, HK. School of English. 27 April.
2016. University of Copenhagen, DK. InCoLAs PhD Seminar. 8-10 August.
2015. University of Hong Kong, HK. Sociolinguistics Today and Tomorrow. 2-3 October.
2015. University of California Berkeley, USA. Linguistic Landscapes (LL7). 7-9 May.
2015. University of Hong Kong, HK. Sociolinguistics of Globalisation. 3-6 June.
2014. University of Hong Kong, HK. School of English Seminar. 27 March